LF Silo Liner Excavation

Launch Facility Excavation

Liner Being Placed

Placing Launch Facility Rebar Liner MAFB

Launch Facilities

The Launch Facility (missile silo) has a number of components that are essential in assuring that the Minuteman missile can be launched within minutes. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year. The LF is ready to launch at any moment.

Below you will find a number of links that explore in greater detail what each part of the Launch Facility is comprised of, and how each of these components work together.

In summary, the links are divided into eight separate links. Each of the links are organized as follows. The Launch Facility Site plan provides an excellent graphic that outlines the Launch Facility as a whole. The link on Launch Facility Construction goes into further detail on how the Launch Facilities were built.

The Launch Support Building is discussed, providing information on the diesel generator and environmental control system, which are housed in the LSB, Launch Support Building. The distinction between a "Soft Launch Support Building" versus a "Hard" LSB is also discussed. The PAH, Personnel Access Hatch, with its Security Pit and B Plug are discussed at length in its respective link.

The Launcher Closure Door, weighing a reported 110 tons, is discussed along with its Closure Track and Rack Rail, each component is designed to allow the Launcher Closure Door to slide open via compressed gas, in the event of a launch.

The link on the Launch Tube goes into detail in outlining the missile suspension system within the Launch Tube, as well as the computer racks housed within the outer perimeter of the Launch Tube. The computer racks allow the various computers to oversee the operation of the missile itself. Discussion of the back up batteries, which comprise of one of three power system options for the Launch Facility, is explored.

The UHF Receiver, ALCC Antenna, the IMPSS, Improved Minuteman Physical Security System, are discussed in this link. Discussion also covers the first generation of the Outer Zone security system. Surface lighting used during maintenance at night are also covered.

The Upgrades link covers the various upgrades made on the Launch Facility throughout the years. These upgrades included installing thicker concrete, adding a debris collector on the Launcher Closure Door, and the installation of the EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) ring are included in this link.