Minuteman III Third Stage Booster

Minuteman III Third Stage Booster Test

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You will find a variety of links pertaining to the Minuteman missile and its weapon system below. Included are links to the Air Force bases that were responsible for the Minuteman missile, both active and inactive missile wings. Links to the Ballistic Missile Defense system, both active and inactive are also included.

A number of websites that are miscellaneous in nature, that could be of interest to those curious about the Minuteman missile are listed below.

Active Air Force Base Missile Wings

Inactive Air Force Base Missile Wings

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Air Force Command Sites

Miscellaneous Air Force Sites

The Association of Air Force Missileers site listed above, is a great organization for those individuals who have an interest in the Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Its members consist of active military, as well as retired military members. AAFM also encourages civilians with no military background to be a part of this organization.

The Association of Air Force Missileers has a quarterly newsletter discussing a variety of topics pertaining to the ICBM and the variety of weapon systems associated with the different missiles. AAFM has a National Meeting every two years, of which have been consistently fantastic to attend. All in all, AAFM is a great organization that provides an excellent resource for news, information, technology, as well as personal stories and experiences pertaining to the ICBM missiles of the Air Force. This author highly recommends that if you are even mildly interested in AAFM, that you join the organization.

AAFM National Meeting 2018 Cheyenne, Wyoming Photographs

AAFM National Meeting 2022 Salt Lake City, Utah Photographs

Miscellaneous Air Force Sites - Continued

Scott Murdoch has an excellent website sharing excellent photographs of all of his visits to numerous Air Force installations across the United States. It is apparent he has put in a significant amount of time planning, mapping out and traveling to each of these sites. There are numerous trips to choose from on this website. This author recommends viewing the "Odd Squad" trip, as well as the "Peacekeeper" trip, to name a few.

Minuteman Missile Historic Sites

For those interested in viewing a Minuteman facility, here are two excellent visitor centers one can go to experience first hand both a Missile Alert Facility, as well as a Launch Facility. The Historic Site in North Dakota provides you an opportunity to view the MAF and LF sites that utilized the Sylvania System. The 20th Squadron, the former 564th Missile Squadron at Malmstrom AFB was the only other wing to incorporate the Sylvania System. In South Dakota they have a newly constructed visitor center with a state of the art museum (as well as the Delta MAF and LF) that provides an excellent place to visit.

Defense Technical Information Center Search Engine

Below you will find a link to the DTIC, Defense Technical Information Center. This site has a search engine that can assist in finding documents that provide technical information pertaining to the Minuteman I, II, and Minute III missile, as well as the Peacekeeper and Small ICBM missile. Technical information on weapon systems and other informational documents can also be found at DTIC.

Ballistic Missile Defense Sites