New START Treaty - 50 Warm Silos Agreement

FE AFB Pulling A Missile

Last Missile Pulled For New START - FE Warren AFB June 6 2017

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Air Force Completes The New START Agreement For 50 Warm Silos

As a part of the agreement to reduce the number of Minuteman III missiles from 450 ICBMs to 400, the Air Force has pulled 50 Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom AFB, Minot AFB and FE Warren AFB. Each missile wing is now deployed with a total of 133 Minuteman III missiles. Malmstrom AFB was the first to reduce their 150 missiles down to 133.

Each missile wing will continue to maintain the 17 Launch Facilities they have now sitting empty. The Launch Facilities will continue to operate as though there were a missile stored inside, the equipment within the LF will stay on. In addition to the continued maintenance of the LF, the security forces will continue to monitor and patrol these "warm" Launch Facilities. This strategy allows for the Air Force to redeploy these missiles, if necesary.

Click on the link below to read the article on the final Minuteman III missile pulled from FE Warren AFB In Wyoming.